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Q1: I have sent my manuscript based on the set norms, what now?

Ans: Thank you. Now you h ave to allow the editorial team at least 3 weeks to get back to you with the publication decision. In case you don't hear from us, please send a follow up email at

Q2: How do I choose between Collab and Traditional Publication Models?

Ans: At Wolf Books, we believe if you have a great manuscript, it should not wait. It should hit the racks as soon as possible. If you are convinced with your work, it is ideal to choose a Collab-Publication Model since you can initiate the process right away.

Q3: Does this mean you will never encourage authors to choose a Traditional Publication Model?

Ans: As a part of the publication policy, we do not publish too many titles in a year. You would see us publishing a maximum of 4 titles in one calendar year. This means we do put in a lot of time in the entire life-cycle of a book. We want to make sure that we do justice to your work. There are times when we would ask you to choose a Collab-Pub Mode, but in case the editorial team is completely convinced with your work, we would love to sign you up as our author in a Traditional Publishing Model. Normally, 1 out of our 4 titles in a year is published under Traditional Publication Model.

Q4: What are the charges if I want to publish my book using a Collab-Publication Model?

Ans: Wolf Books was formed to challenge the existing Self-Publishing system that runs in the industry presently. We do not have publication slabs to publish your book. What we charge you is a nominal to keep the system rolling. Every manuscript is carefully understood and the finances are calculated accordingly based on multiple factors like: Printing Cost, Marketing Charges, Distribution Charges etc. We share every bit of the mathematics with you even before we charge.

Q5: How long will it take to see my title in the rack?

Ans: Honestly, you have to give it a bit of time. It normally takes a month to complete the editorial process. Once that's done, we send the manuscript for sample printing, which normally takes 3 days. We then, send you a copy of the title for you to check. If everything is fine, we send the title for bulk print, which takes around 10 days. Once the copies reach our warehouse, it takes 2 working days to list your title in the e-commerce platforms. So to answer the question straight, it takes around 2 months to see your title there.

Q6: Do I receive a royalty from you? If so what's the percentage?

Ans: Of course you do. The percentage depends on the models of publication.

Q7: What is Talescopick?

Ans: Talescopick is our web-platform as well as mobile application where you can signup and submit your short stories, poetry and articles and make them available for other users of the application to read and review. 

Q8: Do I need to pay to become a member of Talescopick? Is there any Publication Charges associated?

Ans: You don't need to pay a penny to become a member of Talescopick. It's free as fun. All you need to do is sign up with a valid email ID or Facebook ans start reading.

No, there are no charges at all to publish your work in Talescopick. When you sign up, we give you some credits using which you can publish your content. You can earn more credits by reading and reviewing other's content. And then, you can use up those earned credits to publish your next work. Talescopick runs in a model of read-review-write where you read the available titles in the application, review and rate them, earn credits and use them to publish your content.

Q9: How can I signup at Talescopick?

Ans: If you are an Android user, you can simply go to the playstore to download the app and then install it. You can also access the desktop version of the application at

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