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'Equations of Being' by Ashutosh Gupta : Book Review by Vamshi Krishna

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

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How do you feel after reading this book?

Equations of Being is a journey that attempts to take the reader random plunge to a part followed by ascent to another part of the infinite of existence. The book sometimes takes the reader on a roller coaster ride and yet at other times, delicately stimulates the thinker. At times, the lines bring in reminiscence of Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet. And yet, somewhere the interweaving of intricate and fragile threads of existence lose their continuum in the waves of presentation. The attempt, however, is brave and laudable and it’s still the tip of the iceberg as the author mentions. Unravelling the mysteries of nature, self ,art, sensuality, feminism, and love is as enticing and as deceptive as the mysteries themselves. Somewhere, this feels dangerous for a rigid mind, as well as an untamed one. The illustrations deserve special mention as they are smart and worthy.

What do you feel about the author’s style of writing, content, and subject matter?

Mr. Ashutosh Gupta has a terrific perspective and stupendous courage, as well as the virtue of patience to explore the realms of multiple dimensions of the subject. His depth on the subject is very apparent and sometimes his expression conveys his hope and anxiety in letting out that melodious cry he mentions. The attempt to introduce the unexplored angles of Femininity and Feminism is very refreshing. It is humbling to even attempting to know the sacredness of both and the author leaves a subtle impression on the reader.

What suggestions do you have for the book & the author?

The content has depth though it sometimes appears to alternate between poetic and prosaic styles (expounding to unwrap). The style could be consistently poetic as that stimulates the thinker as well as an artist. Probably, the ground zero tothe crumbling humanhood have gaps, or at times disconnects a reader who is genuinely trying to let the thinker (within the reader) roam unhindered. Comparing woman with religion in a prosaic way sounded a bit unnerving as well as intriguing; however, a bit more subtle approach would nail it even better!

What is your overall opinion about this book as it gets launched worldwide (from a critic’s point of view – on the language, style, book cover designs, illustrations, and other factors)?

Equations of Being is revolutionary and stimulating in its concept and has a philosophical orientation. The language conveys artistic expression and mastery of the subject though the style could be made more consistent. The illustrations start simple but as the book progresses, they become vivid and enrapturing. The book front cover design could be improved with may be a slightly different style.

Rate the book from 1 to 5 (where 1 is the lowest score and 5 being the highest)

The attempt is brave, and the effort has artistic stroke and reflects the mastery on the subject. The author attempts to bring out the importance of unrestrained freedom of a thinker. But the flickering style and apparent disconnect between the chapters demand effort from reader which is the very opposite of unrestrained thinking stemming in effortless manner. On a scale of 1 to 5, the book can be placed at 3 owing to its extraordinary attempt and mastery in handling the subject-matter.


Reviewed by: Vamshi Krishna

About the reviewer: Vamshi is an IT professional, an innovator in the world of technical publications, an avid reader, who takes keen interest in the mystic ways that surrounds the Universe.

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