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Wolf Books was created to streamline the existing publication models that operates in the industry. We understand how difficult it is to come up with a path-breaking concept and finishing a full fledged manuscript. We have been there and we know the trouble. All we wanted to do was create an organization that will not fool the authors by charging them a fortune to provide basic publication services wrapped within unnecessary supplementary services. And on the other hand there are publication houses who charge as less as INR 7000 and gift you a junk in the name of a book. We are neither of them.


Wolf Books was created to help authors take their creativity to the mass and encourage reading and writing. But you know, we as an organization (especially as a start-up) do have our costs and expenses. Hence, our publication models are designed in a way that they don't extort the authors to publish their books and at the same time don't drain us to loss. Like every other Publishing House we do have 2 models of publication:

Collaborative Publication (Joint Venture Model)

This is where you send your submission to us and if our editorial team is convinced with your work, we immediately start working on it. But don't be scared with the term, "Collaborative Publication". As said earlier, we are not here to extort you, we just want to help you take your creation to the world. And unlike every other publication house, we do not have publication slabs to publish your book. For us, of course money is important but then, that’s not the only driving factor. We love reading good content and when we work with you, we assure you that we take the best of the material to the market because we do not want our readers to buy junk in the name of a book.

And in the process of this model, what we charge you is a nominal to keep the system rolling. Every manuscript is carefully understood and the finances are calculated accordingly based on multiple factors like: Printing Cost, Marketing Charges, Distribution Charges etc. We share every bit of the mathematics with you even before we charge. We are NOT print on demand. Hence, every title is printed after a lot of calculation so that there’s enough circulation in the market and ample stock in the warehouse. At the same time, we don’t want your book to rot in our stock houses, that’s waste of a lot of resources, we believe.

​Unlike every other publishing house, we put the maximum emphasis on the editorial process and we do not charge you for that. We believe, as publishers, it is our responsibility to shape up your content flawlessly so that it hits the maximum target audience and creates a want for your second work. We do not charge you unnecessarily for creating your author fan page on social media platforms; we do not guarantee you paid likes and paid reviews on Amazon or Flipkart because we don't do them. All that we focus is your content and that's it. We try to work with you and make it better.

​On the flip side, please note that since we do not work on a "pay and publish" model where your content is secondary and publication model is primary, our organization completely rests on the quality of content. Hence, the publication decision even for a Collab-Pub Model is completely taken by the editorial board. You can't simply pay us to publish your book. You have to convince us with your content.

Traditional Publication Model

Tradition Publication Model is where your manuscripts mouth-shut our editors. There are times when we receive manuscripts which are beyond questions and are time changing. And this is exactly when we love to take up the entire publication cost to print the title and market it. Unlike the existing publishing houses, we do not care if you are a seasoned/published author or an amateur. If your work is exceptional we'd love to sign you up and absorb all the publication expenses.

As authors we have seen excellent manuscripts rotting in the publication house's database, expecting a chance to get published without spending a penny. And this is what we want to change, if your work is good, really good, don't worry, sit back, we will take up the entire responsibility. As a matter of fact, as a part of the publication policy, we do not publish too many titles in a year. You would see us publishing a maximum of 4 titles in one calendar year. This means we do put in a lot of time in the entire life-cycle of a book. We want to make sure that we do justice to your work. There are times when we would ask you to choose a Collab-Pub Model, but in case the editorial team is completely convinced with your work, we would love to sign you up as our author in a Traditional Publishing Model. Normally, 1 out of our 4 titles in a year is published under Traditional Publication Model.

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