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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines









Wolf Books is currently accepting manuscripts for their upcoming publications under the fiction and non-fiction category. Carefully read the guidelines to be familiar before sending your work. Wolf Books has a strict and transparent manuscript evaluation process. Please read the FAQ section for more information 


Subject of the mail:

To submit your manuscript for evaluation, send the following details to:  with a Subject Line:'New Manuscript - Author Name (Fiction/Non-Fiction)'

  • Core concept (The basic idea of your book in not more than 500 words)

  • Synopsis of the book (Gist of your book in not more than 500 words)

  • List of chapters (TOC)

  • 3 sample chapters (You can send any 2 chapters from your manuscript in the attachment)

  • About the author (In not more than 1000 words)

End your mail with:

  1. Your full name & contact number

  2. Proposed title of the book (You can change the title later)

  3. Total word count of your manuscript

  4. Category (You can select a category/genre from the below-mentioned list of categories)


Note: For Poetry, a synopsis of the concept should be sent. 

Genres for submission:

  • Romance

  • General Fiction

  • General Non-fiction

  • Education/ Self-help

  • Management/Finance/Business

  • Poetry

  • Motivational

  • Information Technology (Programming Languages, Social Media etc.)

  • Lifestyle (Health and well being)

  • Philosophy

  • Biographies and Autobiographies.

  • Kids’ Tales

  • Cookery.

  • Travel

We understand the amount of effort you have put in over the months to shape up your manuscript. We also understand this is one of your dream works. And that's the sole reason we do not want to rush. As a part of our evaluation process, we want to make sure that we do justice to your manuscript and hence our editorial team spends a considerable amount of time on each and every submission before reaching a decision.

The primary evaluation of your manuscript might take up to 3 weeks. In case you don't hear from us, please write a follow-up email of your submission, we will be happy to help you with the status.

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